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Wood sculpture / Skuodas, 2022
Surya Namaskar (English: ‘Sun Salutation’) came into being during the sculpture symposium in Skuodas, sited on the banks of the river in Skuodas City Park. Contemplating the everyday management of the park’s greenery, we found it somewhat bizarre from the tree's point of view: while in managed forests, trees are cultivated to grow fast and upright — to deliver wood — those in parks are intended to look scenic and provide us with shade.

Looking at these trees as individuals, we saw characters in peculiar postures, embodying personal stories of sun salutation. Working with logs from dead tree snags, we pursued the image of the tree itself. By connecting together these pieces of trunks and branches, we seek to shift attention toward the tree, instead of its timber. 

Photos by Monika Penkutė
Sponsored by:
Lithuanian Council for Culture
Skuodas District Municipality

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