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Performance, video / Nida, 2018

Throughout history, human impact has disordered the natural equilibrium of the Curonian Spit. Loss of vegetation, leading to an intensification of winds, began to reshape the landscape. In the late 18th century, shifting sand dunes threatened to seize the old post road along the Spit. Nida’s postmaster, Gottlieb David Kuwert, began to reinforce the dunes by planting trees. This living legacy was later taken over by his son, George David Kuwert. The once-nascent undergrowth now appears as the mature forest that surrounds the old cemetery in which both men were laid to rest. Yet for a gardener, there are still plenty of things to be done...

Hosted by Nida Art Colony
Audio track: Maurice Ravel Bolero, performed by Pierre Boulez (reversed)

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