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Rainwater installation / Panevėžys, 2023


FOUNTAIN was set up on the occasion of IŠKROVOS ’23. The festival takes place around the administration building of a former supply company, located in the industrial district on the outskirts of Panevėžys. Here in the corner of the backyard, next to the leaking downpour, the precipitation fountain gushes rainwater. Condemned water collected from the roof of the building purifies itself and returns to festivities, fairly leaking.

Water’s capacity for self-transformation suggests that water can take any form. Like Proteus — an old seaman, who knew everything — past, present and future. He would always try to avoid revealing what he knew and extract the prophecy out of him it was necessary to catch him unaware during his early afternoon siesta. And even when he would resort to his powers of self-transformation and try to escape. Water is constantly decamping — dripping, penetrating, evaporating out of reach and easily escaping the use. Its shape-shifting elusivnes points out the urgency to capture it.

Click here for making-of story featured in Marius Stavaris's music clip "Mano vakansija".

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