‘Odysseus Atlas’ is creative initiative by artists Kęstutis Montvidas and Jūra Bardauskaitė with the island as its central theme.

The idea has emerged from wonder about islands. Are they for all of us, or have to be discovered in person by those who dreams of them? How did they appear in such a blooming diversity? And how they shape us?



Inspired by Homer's poem we evoke Odysseus as a wandering figure to embody our creative intentions. Atlas shares the generic theme with the Odyssey. Its path is captivating as well as the archetype of its hero – “man of many turns”.



Uniform definition of island becomes fractured alike appearance of archipelago itself, it also unfolds the complexity of island subject. The quest is to discover the allure of island and depict it through its unique perspective. On a plot, where shoreline is closer than horizon, we aim to grasp the entity of its content.



The course is set in a tune with nature. Project’s range focuses on marginal concerns, in purpose to reveal its significance through aesthetic contemplation.

© Odysseus Atlas, 2018